About Us

Dogs have accompanied me since my childhood. First they were mongrels, then hunting dogs and finally, for a few years, Danes. They live with us in our house, they are family members, so they must know their place in a row, they must know what they can and can’t do. It isn’t easy to enforce, considering their, especially puppies, temperament. Danes are dignified and catching the eye dogs. When a Dane goes along the street, it can’t be unnoticed. That happened to me. When I was in a veterinary clinic, I saw a blue male and I couldn’t forget about his eyes, marvellous arching neck and statuesque silhouette. It was my ideal of dog’s beauty.




Great Dane

I must have waited several years to have my own Dane. My work, studies, family and son and finally my longed for Dane. It was a black male, Tayler del Bianello’s son. Four years later, I went to the Margarejro breeding to buy blue Juiliard vel Lunka. Her arrival coincided with the beginning of changes in my private life. My marvellous Luna became a faithful companion in that difficult time. She is the greatest gift of fate for me. Someone may tell that it is silly to love a dog so much, but it’s no true that she is just a dog. She is a real, devoted to a man friend, a healer of the human soul. It is a real and unique lucky to have such a dog by my side and feel this great bond with her. Real kennel keepers understand what I mean. 

Luna knows well when everything is fine with me and when it is not. When I sit and muse she comes to me and puts her pud on my knee, wrinkles her forehead looks at me as if she is telling the words of comfort.
I was able to buy Juiliard on condition that I will show her on exhibitions. She got the title of the Champion of Poland but unfortunately, this summer, during the walk, Luna was attacked by a German Shepherd. The results of that were deplorable – Luna had to have the tip of the tail amputated and that crossed out her chances to get another titles.
Before the New Year, first Juiliard’s puppies were born. It was litter S, under a nicname Margarejro in which were 8 females and 4 males. It was a crazy time because three weeks earlier we welcomed first white “small ball” Tira of Ares The Glow of The Snowy Star from Mirka and Jacek Nowak. Soon after her we welcomed the second Samoyed Adrasteia Breed Love from Michaela Janakowa from the Czech Republic. The litter S was very numerous and successful. Puppies got the titles of Junior Champions of Poland, Champions of Poland and other countries, Junior Winner of Poland and Scarlet O’Hara was nominated to the CRUFT.
In my house with me stayed Sephora and at my friends’ homes live Scarlet and Savana. In Margarejro breeding stayed Sun Rise and Sun Shine.
The second litter, the litter T was born in 2016. There were 15 puppies in it: 11 females and 4 males. Another time my addiction to Danes manifested itself, because I kept with myself Talisman and Tiramisu stayed with my friends.





In that way, I started a new stage of my life with a quite big herd. Firstly only with Juiliard, next Tira, Adrasteia, Sephora and Talisman joined us.


How long I will resist the temptation to enlarge my herd. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t have too strong will, so……